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Future of heat pumps in Germany

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22 October 2012

The ministry for the environment in Germany sees a growth future for heat pump systems in the context of alternative energy development. The potential is put as high as over 1 million systems by 2020 and 2 million by 2030. This will be shared as much by new construction as in the existing stock. Currently, the total rated output of heat pumps in Germany is around 4,800 MW corresponding to an electrical load of 1,260 MW. The contribution of heat pumps to load management in the national grid could be as much as a large hydro storage installation. Any financial incentives from the government will be limited to units and systems with high performance in terms of annual efficiency and not just testbed COP. Examples given for minimum standards are: air-source systems >3.5, geothermal >3.8 and water based systems >3.8.

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