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Universal control console for climatic equipment

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08 August 2011
The russian company Spinbrain Pro which is working out control systems for climatic equipment is broadening out the range of goods and offeres a universal control console A1. The new device is designed for both two- and four-pipe fancoils.
The device consists of two parts: a remote control panel and an embeded in the air conditioner control manager. These two parts are connected with a T-wire RS485 and a power supply wire 12 V.
The MODBUS RTU protocol is used for communication between the control panel and the control manager
The universal control console A1 is able to perform all necessary functions which could be required during the climatic equipment operation. The user could adjust the installation-specific settings and choose the operating mode. The information is displayd in Russian.
New software versions could be downloaded over mini-USB.
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