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EnergoGuberniya project

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31 July 2012

Issues of implementation of innovative energy efficiency and conservation projects "EnergoGuberniya" were discussed by the members of the government of the Penza region during the field meeting which was held at Technopark "Yablochkov".

The aim of this project is to create a system that provides lower costs for energy, based on current accounting and management of their consumption.
"Situation Centre EnergoGuberniya solves the problem of centralized collection of commercial and technological information to the accounting objects, carries out operational monitoring of the status of utilities and manage emergency situations," - the press service said.
In addition this system can analyze the data obtained by consumer groups, highlighting schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions.
Commenting on the outcome of the discussion in the account in microblog "Twitter", Acting Head of Regional Management Housing Yuri Ilyin noted that "EnergoGuberniya" was a very interesting and promising direction.
"Automatic control system and energy accounting opens many opportunities for analysts. The decision was met to establish a working group to prepare proposals within a month to the Prime Minister on a specific project realising issues", - Yuri Ilyin said.

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