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Danfoss office is the most energy efficient

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05 December 2011
On the 25th of November 2011 a ceremony of the annual nationwide award "Save energy!" was held in Moscow with the support of Moscow Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade  The company "Danfoss", the world's largest manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for building heating, received the highest award in the category "Energy efficient office."
When choosing a winner in the category the advisory council, created by the Russian Energy Agency (organizer of the event), took into account the results of  energy efficiency projects. Thanks to the latest technology in engineering systems Danfoss office annually saves more than 50% energy. This rate allowed Danfoss to become the best among all the nominees.
Danfoss industrial and office complex is structurally self-sufficient: engineering systems are designed so that the object does not have to buy energy from district heating or electricity. For example, using heat recovery systems, thermal energy is produced to the extent necessary for a stable object "life".
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