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Updated product range of modular contactors

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26 December 2011
In the first half of 2012 Company HAGER will update modular contactor range of up to 63A, intended for switching different loads, for example, to control lighting, heating, ventilation devices and pumps.
The main advantages of the new contactor series are low heat and low power consumption. Contactor coil consumption is significantly reduced for the new series compared with similar products in the Russian market, the contactors disseminate less heat and consume less current. The life of new HAGER contactor series is more than 1 million motor cycles and 60 thousand switching cycles at rated load.
Early in 2012 one more significant complement of the silent contactor series will happen. These contactors are used at such facilities, where the absence of unwanted sound by switching on and off is particularly important, such as residential and office spaces. The updated line of silent contactors will contain 29 products with different control voltages 8/12V AC, 12V DC, 24V AC / DC and 230V AC.
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