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New Meibes project

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19 December 2011
The company "Maybes RUS" is a new object, which is designed for boiler equipment Meibes - recreated an Orthodox church of Saint Catherine in the Cathedral Square in the town of Pushkin. The temple was built in 1835 and is made in Russian-Byzantine style.
The heat source are eight floors of condensing boilers. In addition to high efficiency, providing high efficiency boilers, this type of boiler selected because they produce much less moisture. Due to this over the domes are not rising cloud of steam. For the distribution of coolant circuits used junction floor modular system up to 2.8 MW from the company Maybes, for hydraulic separation of the heating boiler circuit hydraulic floor mounted hand Meibes. The use of hydraulic separators Meibes provided to optimize boiler and extend their useful life.
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