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The new Tiemme “Shorty”

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25 July 2012

The new Tiemme “Shorty” consumption calculation module has been designed to guarantee the best performances while taking up as little space as possible; in fact it consists of a multi-purpose unit composed of a motorised 3-way zone valve controlled by the room chronothermostat, an adjustable by-pass with possibility of closure (therefore transforming the module into a 2-way one), flow rate regulation valve (which can be read on the heat consumption calculation electronics) and strainer. The module is then completed by the DN20 thermal energy meter fitted with Mbus interface, cold water and sanitary water volumetric meters, shut-off valve and, if necessary, thermal insulation in the pre-moulded shell to prevent the formation of condensation.

Just like the rest of the range of Tiemme consumption calculation modules, “Shorty” also envisages the possibility of initially installing only the box with ball valves and temporary pipes to allow the system to be tested and washed; at the end of works, the pre-assembled unit can be positioned inside the module complete with all the main components, in this way avoiding thefts or accidental damages.

The Tiemme consumption calculation systems also guarantee:

- the possibility of being able to automatically manage the thermal requirements of each individual unit and therefore to decide, independently, according to the hourly needs of each family;
- the possibility of saving on individual costs for maintenance of the boiler (no longer one boiler for each individual apartment, but only one for all the dwellings);
- a general decrease in consumptions and a consequent reduction in emissions of harmful substances into the air, in this way safeguarding the environment;
- greater safety in the individual dwelling eliminating the presence of the boiler; the presence of a centralised generator also guarantees that periodic maintenance checks will be carried out.


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