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New Fujitsu split systems

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28 November 2011
"Arctic" family  of the Fujitsu inverter air conditioners are specially designed for usage in the Russian climate and not only provide efficient cooling in summer, but also economical heating in winter with low outdoor temperatures.
To date the range of air conditioners "Arctic" is represented by two series of air conditioners:
Standard series "Arctic - Technica» consists of two models:
ASYA09LEC/AOYR09LECN - nominal cooling / heating capacity2.5 kW / 3.2 kW.
ASYA12LEC/AOYR12LECN - nominal cooling / heating capacity 3.4 kW / 4.0 kW.
Indoor units of the new devices are made in the design of inverter air conditioners Fujitsu series Technica (LE) and Practica (LK).

Features and functions:
Heating at outdoor temperatures down to –25°C.
Low noise level 21dB (A).
Ion Deodorizing Filter and Apple Catechin Filter for effective air purifying in standard complete set.
Anti-frost function which allows to maintain the room temperature +10°C

Design series "Arctic - Evo» consists of three models:
ASYG09LTCB/AOYG09LTCN - nominal cooling / heating capacity 2.5 kW / 3.2 kW.
ASYG12LTCB / AOYG12LTCN - nominal cooling / heating capacity 3.4 kW / 4.0 kW.
ASYG14LTCB / AOYG14LTCN - nominal cooling / heating capacity 3.4 kW / 4.0 kW.
The design of the indoor unit have received "Good design award 2011" (Japan) and "iF Good design award 2012" (Germany).
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