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10 April 2012
The company GRUNDFOS, the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment, has developed a brand new pump MAGNA3. The background of the new product series is, among other things, new tough energy requirements of the EuP Directive, requiring new circulator pumps sold after 2013 to consume less energy. In the region of 100 million circulator pumps in the EU countries will have to be replaced over the following 10 or 15 years, Søren Ø. Sørensen, Group Executive Vice President for Group Sales and Service estimates.
- By using the new pumps from Grundfos, consumers may save large amounts of energy and, at the same time, contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions for the benefit of the environment. For Grundfos the replacement of the pumps will give access to a very attractive market of close to 6 billion Euros in the coming years, said Mr Sørensen.
MAGNA3 is the most energy efficient large circulation pump. In addition to AUTOADAPT function the MAGNA3 pump is equipped with two new control modes: FLOWADAPT and FLOWLIMIT that in most cases make using counterbalancing valves unnecessary. MAGNA3 has a built-in heat energy meter. All aspects of the pump operation are effectively controlled by an innovative wireless interface with Grundfos GO control program.

A wireless interface, Grundfos GO is designed to provide communication through an iPhone, iPad or smart phone to control the pump and allow back-end access to Grundfos technical data
The customers may purchase the electronic hardware. As soon as the hardware is connected, the customers will be asked whether he would like to download an app, and once it has been installed, the solution is ready for use. The third option is to purchase a solution for Android telephones. The solution consists of a separate electronic unit with a rechargeable battery, and it communicates with the telephone via a cordless Bluetooth connection.
- We are setting new standards for high-technology and energy-efficient circulator pumps performing much better than required by regulations. Also in the future. We already have pumps meeting the coming energy requirements of the EU. But we want to go even further, said Peter Røpke, Group Executive Vice President for Business Development, adding that the product family will be the broadest and most service-friendly as well as the most easily integrated product series in the market.

The manufacture of pumps MAGNA3 will open soon in Wahlstedt, Germany. Currently the finishing work on assembling of the the production lines are being held at the factory. The pump MAGNA3 will be available in Russia in 2012-2013.
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