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New models of Hybrid Kirigamine

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03 October 2012

Going forward from November, Mitsubishi Electric will release 11 new models of Hybrid Kirigamine room air conditioners in its ZW series incorporating the ‘Smart Stop System.’ The ZW series will come in 11 models whose rated cooling powers range from 2.2kW to 8.0kW.
The Smart Stop System determines if there is a person in the room by using infrared sensors. The ZW series is equipped with two infrared sensors called 'Smart Eye' in addition to the 'Eco Move Eye,' which is also mounted in Mitsubishi Electric's existing air conditioners. The Eco Move Eye, which is movable, is used to check the states of the entire room and people while the Smart Eye detects movements of a person in front of the air conditioner in 0.3 seconds. By combining them, it becomes possible to switch to the low-power consumption mode in three minutes.
Since the electric power supply/ demand situation is becoming increasingly stringent, room air conditioners are required to attain more electricity savings (‘setsuden’) since they consume more than half the total residential power consumption at around 2:00 p.m. during summer.

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