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New Arctos project

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02 February 2012

Arctos has successfully developed and implemented a unique air distribution system for ventilation and air conditioning of the Tauride Palace -masterpease of Russian classicism of the XVIII century.

The specialists of the plant, "Arktos" was tasked to design a device that safely provides the given parameters of the microclimate in the exhibition halls of the palace - for the preservation of works of art and monuments of world culture and create a comfortable environment for visitors. Engineers 'Arktos', having a rich experience and high production potential for solving non-standard tasks to individual customer requirements, developed a unique diffusers designed to supply air directly to the slaboneizotermicheskogo work zone areas with low velocity and low temperature extremes. With this method the air museum exhibits are located near the walls or on walls, end up in an atmosphere of pure air required parameters, while in the immediate vicinity of the diffusers of visitors does not create an unpleasant feeling of "drafts".

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