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New MDV fancoil series

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15 November 2011
The professional climatic equipment manufacturer MDV enters the third generation of canal type fan coils with a three row heat exchanger into the Russian market.
The new product family includes fancoils with cooling capacity from 2,2 to 12,5 kW which are delivered in three variants: with the static pressure 12, 30 and 50 Pa. It corresponds with any technical requirements and wishes of the customer.
In new fancoils there is a possibility of a simple air inflow connection at the expense of a special hole made by the manufacturer.
In the third fancoil generation the distance between the fins from 1,8 to 2,2 mm for the noise reduction. Due to this fact the noise level reduced until 26dB, it corresponds to the best freon split-systems results.
The manufacturer implemented the symmetrical design idea for the comfortable installation and heat carrier circuit connection: the heat exchanger,
pan and switching box could be rearranged from right to left and backward. It facilitates the installation.
The possibility of filter removal in any direction which is realized in the third generation devices simplifies the installation and preventive maintenance.
The equipment is certified by EUROVENT. This fact confirms the perfect quality of MDV climatic systems and correspondence with the high international standards.
The new devices will be available on the Russian market in 2012.
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