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New Gledhill Building Products Cylinders

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13:0018 December 2012

Gledhill Building Products, the cylinder specialist, has launched slimline versions of its popular Stainless Lite and Stainless Lite Solar cylinders.

Like the rest of the unvented Stainless Lite range, the slimline models are made using quality Duplex stainless steel and provide mains pressure hot water. They have been designed as part of a portfolio of products that complies with 2010 Part L Building Regulations and are heavily insulated using high density HCFC free foam.

The Duplex stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and the cylinder features a high heat transfer corrugated tube heat exchanger, which gives a 20% faster recovery time than a plain tube.

Available through the merchant trade, the new products are ideal where space for the cylinder is limited but the householder wants mains pressure hot water, perhaps to supply a multi-bathroom home. The slimline models are available in sizes from 60 to 210 litres and have a 475mm diameter, as opposed to the standard 550mm versions.

Mark Foster at Gledhill Building Products said: “We’ve launched these slimline versions of the Stainless Lite in response to customer demand. Installers like our Stainless Lite cylinders because they are light and easy to handle on site and supplied with all the necessary control and safety devices, which makes them straightforward to fit. However, until now they have only been available in standard sizes, so we’re sure the slimline versions will be a welcome addition to the range as they provide a stainless steel unvented option for installations where space is limited.”

“What’s more, the slimline solar model means installers can offer the householder the option of upgrading to solar power as well as replacing their existing unit.”
Like all Gledhill stainless steel cylinders, the slimline Stainless Lite come with a 25 year guarantee.

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