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31 August 2011
 Daikin company presents new outdoor units REYAQ-P and indoor units  HXHD for  hot water systems. These units enable to use the  recuperative heat for heating of domestic water, water for swimming pools, heating radiators, and  heat-insulated floors.
High efficiency of  VRV III systems “cooling only” and “cooling-heating” is achieved by using of technologies of direct cooling with variable expense of a coolant and inverting control of the compressor engine. Efficiency of recuperative systems is still higher: heat from cooled rooms goes on heating of the areas which require heating.  
Indoor units of hot water systems have all  pumps, filters and valves for connection to a water contour, besides teach-in control acquits from the need in a mixer. Daikin offers several models of boilers EKHTS-A series (200 and 260 l) and EKHWP-A series (300 and 500 l).  The possibility of connection of solar water manifolds is provided.
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