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New heat-spreading plates

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07 August 2012

Valtec expanded the range of component parts for water underfloor heating systems and offered heat-spreading plates VT.FP.SZ.0125 for "light" ("dry") systems. Heat-spreading plate is designed for the installation of "dry" floor heating. These systems have several advantages over the traditional "wet" (concrete) systems:
- A quick, easy, cheap and clean installation
- Lower inertia of the system, faster response to the controller commands
- Lower load on the floor (10 times lighter than concrete covering)
- Application for wooden houses, for reconstructions, with limited ceiling height, temporary buildings and in buildings where it is impossible to establish a concrete system.
Heat-spreading plate is made ​​of galvanized steel, has an omega-shaped profile, allowing to cover tightly the surface of pipes, and special ribs (two on each side) to enhance the construction and to compensate the thermal expansion.

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