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New Alterplast product

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16 May 2012
Polypropylene composite split fittings with a seal "eurokonus" are a new vector in the development of modern engineering systems.
The latest development of "Alterplast" is noticeable for their quality, ease of installation, functionality and reliability in use.
Deliveries combined with detachable  fittings seal "eurokonus" are present in the warehouses of the company since January 2012, and has won recognition among most consumers.
Recall that in mid-2010 the company "Alterplast" embarked on the Russian market polypropylene fitting with "Eurocone." In the past two years has sold more than 15,000 of these products. Given the positive experience gained in the technical department of the company have been developed polypropylene composite split sleeve with a seal "eurokonus" 20x1 / 2 ", 25h3 / 4" 32h1 ", 40h1.1 / 4", 50h1 1/2 "63h2". Reinforced couplings are patented (patent number 102,977 on 20/03/2011 was).

Note that due to its construction, the coupling with the "Eurocone" significantly lighter in weight than conventional combined detachable sleeves. In addition, among the significant advantages of fitting consumers allocate a relatively low consumption of materials, sealing temperature under varying loads, and high reliability. That is why the most widely used combination of split coupling seal "eurokonus" received for installation of check valves and radiators.
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