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New MHI development

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19 April 2012
In 2012 the Japanese corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. offers its new development, a Refresh complex on the Russian market.
It is designed for easy replacement of worn out VRF-systems and helps to avoid relaying communications, eliminating, thus, the major expenses incurred during a complete reinstallation. Refresh complex consists of special outdoor unit, adapted to work with non-standard diameters of tracks (FDCR224KXE6, FDCR280KXE6), multiple block to clear the existing refrigerant lines from the remnants of the old oil (FDCR-KIT-E) and the block valve to simplify the system (FDCR-V -KIT-E). Outdoor units are manufactured Refresh 2 sizes: 8 and 10 hp (22.4 and 28.0 kW of cooling capacity, respectively). This range of performance due to the fact that the new facility, primarily designed to replace worn out VRF-systems MHI KX2 (produced from 1998 to 2004), who just had a capacity of outdoor units. The Refresh outdoor units circuit is designed to work with larger diameters of the refrigerant lines.
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