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Breezar 1000 Mix air supply unit

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16 January 2012
Breezart released a new air supply unit Breezart 1000 Mix, which could maintain a preset air temperature and humidity with an electric radiator reduced power together with a humidifier Breezart. It is achieved through the controlled mixture of return air: the valves on both air supply unit inlets have drives with proportional control, which allow to adjust smoothly the ratio of supply and return air flows.
A particular feature of the new equipment is that the
automatic built-in control system is able to operate the humidifier as well. The whole system works together and is controlled from one panel.
The user could set the desired fan speed, temperature and humidity, and the automation system. The control device operates the air valve drives and so adjusts the heater power and humidifier capacity, supports air options at preset level. This solution allows to reduce the power of the radiator at 30-40% compared with the traditional air supply system  (without recirculation channels) by the same admission of fresh air. This saving is achieved through the use of heat entering from the room radiators, artificial lighting, etc.
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