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KSB's mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit

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04 October 2012

KSB's mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit is a package lifting unit in accordance with DIN 12050-1. With a footprint as small as 510x510 mm it can be installed in a pit or at floor level. The compact mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit from KSB is ideally suited for draining waste water from toilets installed below the flood level. The miniCompacta from KSB is available as a ready-to-connect lifting unit for single-family houses or as a dual-pump lifting unit.

As required by building regulations, a single-pump or dual-pump model must be installed, the latter if waste water drainage must not be interrupted even in the event of a pump failure. The gas and water tight plastic collecting tanks are fully floodable, with volumes of 60, 100 or 150 litres.

Benefits of KSB's mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit:

Automatic response to changed operating conditions. The mini-Compacta from KSB responds automatically to changed operating conditions by permanently monitoring the fluid level with a tried-and-tested float sensor.

Maximum system safety. KSB's mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit is equipped with a LevelControl Basic 1 control unit for single-pump installations. Dual-pump installations are controlled by means of the LevelControl Basic 2 control unit.

Straightforward installation. All sizes come with a range of vertical and horizontal connection options.

Reliable operation. An integrated swing check valve and mains-independent alert make the unit safe and reliable to operate.

Reduced investment costs. Due to its small footprint, KSB's mini-Compacta U60 is the smallest fully functional lifting unit to EN 12050-1 by KSB.

Reliable function. Steep characteristic curves make for reliable planning and operation.

Low flow noise due to anti-vibration mounted motor. Manufactured to globally uniform standards (DIN, ISO, EFQM).

Reliable planning. Ten-year spare parts warranty

Variant S for reduced discharge pipe cross-sections

Versatile use, also in refurbished buildings

Variant C for aggressive fluids. With integrated check valve (available with free-flow impeller only)

For more information on the mini-Compacta series visit our Product Catalogue or click the download links on the right.

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