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New outdoor units Daikin 2MXS40H и 3MXS40H

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11 May 2012
New outdoor units are designed to operate within the the multisystems: 2MXS40H and 3MXS40K (power 4 kW). They are designed for the small area ​​servicing of buildings in conjunction with the new indoor units 1.5 kW (CTXS15K). The first unit can serve two indoor units, the second can operate with three indoor units.
Question conditioning small spaces is becoming increasingly important. In particular, there is a tendency to increase in new apartment living room area by reducing the area of ​​the bedrooms. This creates certain problems in the selection of indoor units. Here is an example. To install a two-room apartment in a multi system with a living area of ​​25 m2 and 15 m2 bedroom previously proposed to use a power capacity of 2.5 kW and 2.0 kW. We used the outdoor unit capacity of 5 kW, while the bedroom was a clear surplus of cooling capacity, which could mean discomfort for the user.
With the advent of the new equipment has been possible to establish a unit capacity of 1.5 kW per bedroom, and in this case used as an outdoor unit 2MXS40H. This reduced the cost of purchase and installation of equipment and energy costs. At the same time throughout the apartment will be provided with a comfortable temperature conditions..
Новые наружные блоки Daikin 2MXS40H и 3MXS40H для мультисистем
Like other series the units 2MXS40H 3MXS40K are equipped with highly reliable compressor Daikin Swing. Inverter control logic compressor guarantees comfortable operation and high efficiency of the system.
The units can be used  for cooling and for heating, allowing the system to maintain a comfortable temperature in the hot summer days and cool off-season with equal success.
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