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MDV in the BC ‘Avantage’

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27 July 2011

The installation of central air conditioning devices in the halls on the 7th and 8th floors in the business center ‘Avantage’ (St. Petersburg) is completed. The business center has eight floors and meets the requirements of Class B. It has a modern architectural design and is equipped with all necessary communications. The center is located in the Primorsky district, the total area of the building makes 10500 sq. meters; the typical floor area is 1200 sq. meters. Two floors of the complex are served with two multi-zone air conditioning systems MDV. Their total cooling capacity is 200 kW. The system includes 5 external units and 42 internal cassette and wall units. These VRF-systems have a high energy efficiency. It is achieved through the usage of an inverter control technology, a broad model range and an improved design of indoor units, a great number of settings selection and wide management opportunities through a variety of consoles and controllers. The systems operate on the freon R410A and have high thermodynamic characteristics.

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