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Hydropath is celebrating its 20 year anniversary

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06 November 2012

Hydropath Holdings Ltd is a specialist in water care technology. We manufacture electronic water conditioners in the UK, which prevent the build-up of and remove existing limescale. Our chemical-free, patented ferrite technology is unique to the water industry and is used in a wide range of applications around the world - as diverse as oil wells and copper mines - in addition to working successfully in the home, and for commercial and the processing industries.

Our technology extends beyond limescale applications and is also being utilised in the aquaculture, farming, agriculture, swimming pool, spa and leisure sectors for the management of algae and bacteria problems, and for improving filtration, through flocculation. We offer a one-year fitness for purpose warranty and three-year guarantee on all of our products.
We have sold more than one million water conditioners worldwide and it is worth noting that all of our products are built with solid state technology and designed for longevity. We operate an ISO 9001:2008 quality management programme and all Hydropath equipment conforms to the appropriate EMC regulations.
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