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MDV training

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13 December 2011
The company JAC invited to participate in the seminar: "Air-conditioning systems MDV: a seminar for sales staff." Program and the timing of the training workshop:
1) The history of the brand MDV, organizational structure and capacity of the manufacturer. (15 min.)
2) MDV in Russia: results of 2011, positioning, purpose and objectives of the 2012 sales policy. (20 min.)
3) Presentation of the lineup and new products in 2012:
a) Industrial Equipment: chiller-fan coil system, KKB, rooftops, Inverter VRF-systems, the announcement of new products (40 minutes);
b) Semi-Series: The cassette, ducted, wall, ceiling, console and tower models of indoor units, a series of powerful models of semi UNITARY channel and column types, the announcement of semi-inverter models (40 minutes);
c) room air conditioners: Series R on / off, R inverter and inverter VIDA, ALPS super-inverter, the inverter announcement seriii solar-power c alternative source of power from solar panels, mobile air conditioners (40 minutes).
4) Questions and Answers (15 minutes)
Date December 16th, 2011 (Friday)
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