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Kentatsu DX Pro III in the EMERCOM Academy

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09 August 2012

A central air conditioning system Kentatsu DX Pro III was put into operation in Moscow in the new building of the Ministry of the EMERCOM (Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) Academy in early 2012. The new building of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Academy was built in 2011, and the equipment was installed in late 2011 - early 2012. When selecting air conditioning systems various options were discussed but the preference was given to the multi-zone air-conditioning systems Kentatsu DX Pro III.

Air conditioning systems Kentatsu DX Pro III are the systems of direct cooling that is why they are very energy efficient. The system uses the principle of the inverter control of the compressor and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. Each outdoor unit has 3 compressors, one of them has an inverter drive. This combination helps to regulate the compressor performance in a wide range. Thanks to the inverter technology the heat and cold performance corresponds to the thermal load of the premises at any time. It reduces energy consumption to a minimum. Cooling rate may reach a record high high of 6.

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