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Sewage treatment facilities for Sochi

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22 November 2011
Installation of the equipment in sewage treatment facilities Kudepsta–The Imeretin Valley in Krasnodar Region is coming to the end. This is a strategic facility not only for the South of Russia but also for the whole Russia as it is the part of the future Olympic Games infrastructure.

"Sewage treatment facilities Kudepsta–The Imeretin Valley are very important because they are destined for gathering drains from all buildings both future Olympic facilities and the nearest population aggregates. The Olympic building allowed to replace old outdated sewage facilities which are already ecologically dangerous." - First Deputy Head of the Building Department of the Krasnodar Region Alexander Lavrentiev said.

The construction of sewage treatment facilities with total length more than eight kilometer is planned to implement in two stages. There will be laid two pipes two and six kilometer long. The costs for the reconstruction are estimated to be 1235,4 million Roubles. New sewage treatment facilities will possess increased capacity and are expected to let more than 40 m3/day drain through.
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