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Innovative Dantex systems

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30 May 2012

The innovative air-conditioning Dantex system is a new heading of the website where the authors will acquaint the readers with a unique market for engineering systems and communications technologies which allo to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and functionality of the central air conditioning systems.

Thus, the use of remote pump and evaporative module reduces the amount of energy consumed and the cost of operating costs associated with maintenance. Structurally, the pump and evaporative module is a compact unit, of which as the name implies, consists of a plate heat exchanger evaporator performance, pump, hydraulic shut-off and regulating valves. Functionally, the unit provides cooling or heating fluid in the hydraulic circuit, as well as its supply of heat exchangers in air handling units and fan coil unit of central air conditioners. Since the pump and evaporative module is designed for indoor installation, the entire hydraulic circuit full air-conditioning system can be routed inside the building. Thus, excluded the possibility of defrosting heat exchanger chiller units, fan coil units and central air conditioners in the winter time. Consequently, it remains in the past, the traditional air-conditioning chiller-fan coil need for conservation and drainage of hydraulic circuit in the winter time. Also lost the need to use hazardous to human health freezing of liquids - water solutions of ethylene glycol mixture.

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