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BALLU infrared heaters

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13 August 2012

The company Ballu Industrial Group has presented a new area in the market of heating equipment - infrared heaters. This heating equipment is practically unknown to a wide range of buyers; however the level in its efficiency in whole is considerably higher, than in widespread kinds of heaters.
The bearing structure of infrared -heater Ballu consists of the steel case with a cover coated with thermo paint,

and of a basic working element - the radiating panel. The tubular electric heating units are mounted inside the framework. Infrared heaters are absolutely safe in operation,
because their installation is performed under the ceiling and completely excludes contact with the heating panel. Such kind of installation provides considerable comfort.
The heaters give needed heating, keeping air fresh and cool as the infrared spectrum heats immediately the objects which are within range of the heater. Scope of application of infrared heaters Ballu is wide and various - beginning from point heating on production and finishing exclusively household areas.
An unheated balcony or a loggia, a summer veranda, a barbecue platform out-of-doors, in general, in any place where the classical heater will be useless, the unique solution becomes infrared-heater Ballu.

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