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GREE celebrated 20th anniversary

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05 December 2011
GREE Electric Appliances, world-renowned manufacturer of HVAC equipment, celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 18th of  November, 2011.
In fact, the company's history started a little earlier, in 1989, when company Haili was founded in the city Zhuhai on the border with Macau. It manufactured window air conditioners of the same name. However, the trademark was not properly registered, and soon the company lost the right to use it.
After that in 1991 a brand GeLi appeared, it was an abbreviation for "Ge Wai Yu Li," in the translation it means "powerful" Latin transcription «GREE» appeared in 1993, when company's production started to be sold outside China. Everybody liked this name because it associated with English "green" (environment), and "agreement".
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