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Energy conservation state program

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17 October 2012

The financing state program “Energy conservation and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020″ from the federal budget will be 70 billion rubles.These money will be spent on the implementation of the state program of development, as the chief of the department of state regulation of the Department of Electricity tariffs, infrastructure reforms and energy ministry Dmitry Gorevoy at a press conference dedicated to the national competition of energy-efficient practices, “Energium-2012.” According to him, the program, which would last up to 2020, will be held in two stages. The first phase will last through 2015, the second phase will take place from 2016 to 2020. Under the program, in addition to funding from the federal budget 625 billion rubles. be allocated from the regional budgets, 8.8 trillion rubles. will come from the “off-budget sources.” “Given the public performance indicators net present value of program activities for 10 years will be 5.4 trillion rubles. (Internal rate of return – 39%)”, – stated in the program.
In 2011, the total financing of the state to implement the program was made on 7 billion, of which 5.2 billion – regions. In 2012, the funding for the program from the state budget allocated 5.7 billion According to the Executive Director of the cluster “Energy-efficient technologies” Fund “Skolkovo” Vasily Belov, in 2013 the state program funding is expected to be in 2012. RIA “Novosti.

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