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General air conditioner was awarded

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11 November 2011
In the 2012 iF awards competition, one of the most important of its kind for German and international communication design, Fujitsu General thin-type air conditioner for overseas market LT / LU series won “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” of the “House Fixtures Category” in the screening of “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011” held under the auspices of Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” is selected by the comprehensive evaluation including easiness of use, development concept, adoption of new function and technology based on the viewpoint of users in addition to high grade of design.

The "iF design award" has been sponsored by International Forum Design GmbH of Hanover Germany since 1953. Each year, recipients of these prestigious awards are selected from worldwide industrial products exhibiting superior design. The awards include the product design award, communication design award and packaging award, etc. This year, 4,322 products from 48 countries were evaluated and the awards are presented to 1,218 products. In selecting recipients, product aspects including quality of design, functionality, degree of innovation, simplicity of operation and environmental impact are considered for the product design award, while usability, look and feel, and uniqueness are accounted for the communication design award.

The LT / LU series air conditioner has been developed with the concept of “energy-saving, thin type and simple” aiming at both enhancement of energy-saving performance and thin and simple external appearance to match the indoor space.

The industry’s thinnest level of 185mm in the thickness of the indoor unit was realized besides enhancing the energy-saving performance by 20% compared to the conventional models by adopting our original “high density multi-path heat exchanger” for the heat exchanger of indoor unit.

Also, the grade of design was further improved by realizing the external appearance with suppressed visual noise adopting flat and large-size front panel and arranging the flap which is visible when the front panel opens up during operation and formative elements around the air blowing opening neatly.

General distributor in Russia is JAC company.
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