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Daichi dealers visited Midea factory

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02 August 2012

Daichi dealers got a chance to watch the entire production cycle of Midea with their own eyes, to visit modern assembly factories, to assess the scale of production facilities, as well as the level of compliance with the requirements of modern manufacturing industry.

Companies Daichi and Midea organized interesting excursions for their partners including visits to the nearby attractions of China and Hong Kong, where everybody was surprised by a variety of natural landscapes, whimsical modern urban landscapes, a variety of cuisines and hospitality of the local population.

Also the company's partners learned about the history of creation and development of Midea, its contribution to the development of HVAC equipment industry, they visited the production factory of split systems Midea, VRF-systems Midea, spoke to the representatives of the factory and the marketing experts of the manufacturer.

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