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Solar Day

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22 June 2012

Every year many countries use Solar Day as a time to raise awareness of the many benefits of solar energy, but unlike many other "special days" the date seems to vary according to where you live.

The Solar Day 2012 website of North America gives 20th June, while other US websites give 21st June and in Europe the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation designated Solar Day as falling between 1st and 13th May. Australia of course has to wait until November.

In truth the actual day does not really matter. What is really important is that people are given the opportunity to become more aware of the enormous benefits of solar energy and the ways that its use can be extended. If a special day can be set aside for this, so much the better.

In countries with plenty of sunshine, such as Cyprus and Greece, it has long been the custom to mount a water tank on the roof of your house as a somewhat primitive, but effective use of the sun's heat to provide domestic hot water. For the rest of the world other forms of heating such as oil and gas have always been relatively cheap, so solar energy has largely been ignored. The reasoning has always been that if you do not have constant sunshine, why bother with solar energy?

The answer to that is that the remaining oil reserves of the world are said to have a life of just 50 years and although coal reserves are more extensive, even these are expected to run out by the middle of the 23rd century.

Meanwhile solar energy is expected to last for at least another 5 billion years.

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