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Danfoss DHP-AQ is the most effective

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07 November 2011
In September 2011 the Swedish Energy Agency announced the testing results of air-to-water heat pumps which are being sold on the European market. Independent examination found the most effective equipment among other analogues. It appeared to be the Danfoss DHP-AQ air-to-water heat pump.

The testing was performed by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The heat pumps from eleven manufacturers were checked. The researchers made comprehensive testing of performance aspects such as heat pump capacity, efficiency, sound power level and correct operation of control, ancillary functions and others.

Danfoss DHP-AQ showed the best results for the annual efficiency factor (or coefficient of performance) which describes the ratio of useful heat movement to work input. As Swedish Energy Agency this index is usually the key argument by the heat pump choice.

Danfoss DHP-AQ was also the best with the highest sanitary hot water temperature, the minimal time for water heating, the lowest noise level, user operation simplicity.

Danfoss DHP-AQ is so efficient that the user can reduce his heating costs by up to 50%. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can retrieve energy from the air down to a temperature of minus 20 degrees.
The patented TWS technology heats hot-water faster and with less energy consumption than any other system on the market (optional). Danfoss DHP-AQ does not require any boreholes, and produces: heat, hot-water and cooling.

Danfoss DHP-AQ could be purchased in Russia. This heat pump series is manufactured in Sweden.
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