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Daikin VRV III in Khabarovsk

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18 October 2011
Air conditioning systems Daikin VRV III are installed in new administrative hotel building in Khabarovsk (industrialnaya, 16). It is a separately standing building with a car wash and a hotel, there are offices as well, in particular the office of 'Specautocenter-Khabarovsk-VAZ'. The temperature requirements in different rooms of the office center are different that's why the multi-zone air conditioning systems VRV III Daikin are used. These systems are able to provide the necessary air temperature independently in various rooms.
The effectiveness of the VRV III system in the cooling as well as heating mode allows to operate  within the electrical power restriction which exists in the building. For example for the unit with the capacity 28 kW EER=3,8 and COP=4,1 by the full load and even more by the partial load.
The outdoor units should be placed near the windows. The possibility of noise level decrease at night was welcomed with the simultaneous energy consumption reduction. The system VRV III Daikin meets all these requirements.
Easy installation, automatic filling and testing are the main features of the system. Compact sizes of the outdoor units allow to save space. There is a possibility of stage-by-stage system commissioning. The system VRV III Daikin meets all requirements of the administrative hotel building and makes the stay of the guests more comfortable. The customer showed his appreciation of the efficiency and high quality and expressed a desire for further working with Daikin equipment in other facitities.
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