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Biokond office in the North Caucasus

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16 May 2012
The company "Biokond", a HVAC equipment distributor of world-famous manufacturers (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., MDV, LENNOX, Clint, Montair), opened a regional office in the North Caucasus. Its geography covers the whole territory of the region, including cities such as Vladikavkaz, Kislovodsk, Mineral Waters, Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Chechnya cities.
Office and warehouse offices "Biokond-North Caucasus" placed in Pyatigorsk (Kislovodsk Highway 32), which is considered the most convenient transportation hub of the region in terms of internal logistics organization, which ensures prompt delivery and service. In stock maintained a constant supply of the most popular and sought-after positions. Under the order can be delivered to any model of the Moscow stock company "Biokond", which is in the range - full range of HVAC equipment of various types, classes and purposes, from domestic split systems and mobile air conditioning systems to industrial and commercial use. In June, Pyatigorsk warehouse and go Air-Rosenberg. The official distributor of the brand "Biokond" received in 2012. Sales of all vehicles regional office performs on the price of head office, with no extra charges for delivery to the Caucasus.
In addition to wholesale sales and dealer network of regional office will provide warranty service and repair of the supplied equipment and accessories dealers to provide their parts, consumables and spare parts.
Director of "Biokond-North Caucasus" Sapelnikov named Nikolai. The central office of the region supervised by: Director of Business Development "Biokond" Maxim Novikov and manager Constantin Kulinich.
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