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Onda bimetallic radiators

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19 October 2011

Group of companies Maestro presents an Italian bimetallic sectional radiator Onda which is manufactured at an Italian plant ONDA design s.r.l. During the past three years the radiator proved its reliability in the Russian conditions.

Onda radiators are the best choice for those who wants to obtain a high quality Italian radiator at a reasonable price.

The radiators are made of pressured aluminium with a cast steel core (a pipe with 2 mm walls). This kind of section with a strengthened downtake is protected against break up by extremely high pressure and water hammering in the heating system.

The downtake has a unique configuration, it becomes narrower at ends and wider in the center. The maximum pipe diameter reaches 12 mm. This forms prevents the radiator pipes from obstruction because of sludge.

Assembling holes are preliminary smoothed out in order to simplify the radiator installation and to reduce the leakage probability.

The section has five fins at each size, that provides satisfactory air heating during air convection. Rounded heads reduce injury danger. The radiator Onda is notable for its long operating life, safety factor, corrosion stability.

The Onda radiator family contains standard sizes with interaxal distance 500 and 350 mm with a section quantity from 6 to 12. The working pressure is 25 bar, the test pressure 40 bar. The heat emission of one section Onda500 is 192 W, Onda350 – 142 W. The section depth is 90 mm.

The Onda bimetallic radiators are certified in Russia. The warranty period is 10 years.

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