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Automation of energy efficiency in Moscow

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23 October 2012

In the Russian capital a discussion of the long-term program "Energy saving in Moscow" took place. The Head of the Fuel and Energy Sector Eugene Sklyarov said that a unified automated system for monitoring and energy efficiency management was developing at the present time.

At the moment, the above mentioned program to increase energy efficiency by 2020 includes 16 500 objects. In the first half of this year the targeted results have been achieved for energy efficiency: 51% for electricity, 10% for heat, 57% for the consumption of gas, 287% for the cold water supply.

Eugene Sklyarov also said that as a result of energy-saving measures almost 132 million kW / h of electricity was saved, and 11 billion rubles was allocated for the implementation of the program in 2012. It is noted that the city authorities intend to achieve optimum energy efficiency and conservation without slowing down the socio-economic development of the city.

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