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Biofuel for boiler stations in Arkhangelsk

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25 November 2011
The Regional Treasury provided a subsidy of 149 million rubles for the modernization of the housing and communal services facilities in 2011. It will allow to improve the efficiency of 50 boiler stations and close four inefficient coal-fired boiler stations till the end of this year.
In addition, six boiler stations are to be converted for operation on renewable fuels. New equipment is installed in seven boiler stations that allows to work on coal and wood fuel. These activities will allow to replace the 7 tons of coal with local fuels.

The Ministry proposed to provide funds 350 million roubles in the draft 2012 budget to ensure timely funding of works for preparation of the facilities to the next heating season for the next heating season.
In addition, provincial budget foresees co-financing for the acquisition of mobile reserve electrical energy supply sources in the amount of 9 million roubles to prevent negative consequences of possible accidents. Procurement procedure is to be completed in December this year. The formation of an emergency stock of material resources required 66 million rubles from the Arkhangelsk region municipal budget and at the expense of housing organizations.
  • 01-12-2011


    Как это субсидии могут повысить эффективность котельных?
    Во-во, жену отдай деде, а сам иди .... , нефть - за границу, а свои котельные будем углем и древесным топливом отапливать. И это гордо называется модернизацией и эффективностью.

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