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«Adelant»: Results for 2011

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12 December 2011
The priority activity of the company "Adelant" in 2011 was the manufacturing extension and expansion of product range. The result of this activity has become the launching of the own UPVC pipe manufacturing at Adelant factory.
During 2011 the company Adelant rapidly expanding of commodity market.  Russian-made CPVC pipes (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) are now availableon the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan. Since October this year, the company "Adelant" in Kazakhstan is represented by two distributors: in the Northern Kazakhstan it is "Santechresurs" (Rudny, Kostanai region), and in the Southern Kazakhstanit is "Irimeks Kazakhstan" (Almaty).
In December 2011 "Adelant" plant representations were successfully opened in the Ukraine and Belarus. First CPVC pipes kilometers were exported to the territory of the CIS countries at the end of 2011.
The company "Adelant" is aimed at further developing of partnerships with companies of CIS countries and at increasing of Russian-made products export. It will make it possible to offer consumers and industrial enterprises of the CIS countries new product for this segment - it is a new generation of CPVC pipes from Russian "Adelant" factory.
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