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Zenex GasSaver reduces up to 40 percent

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13 January 2012
Zenex GasSaver can reduces domestic gas consumption for domestic hot water by up to 40 percent.
A solution to deal with high gas bills is to install the Zenex GasSaver, an energy saving device which reduces domestic gas consumption required for domestic hot water by up to 40%. With average gas consumption bills of £850 per household, the Zenex GasSaver can reduce the bills by up to £220 per year.
At a time when gas and energy prices are dramatically rising, consumers, many with stretched household budgets, are now being offered the chance to cut their gas bills while also becoming energy efficient.
The Zenex GasSaver is a boiler flue attachment that recovers heat from the waste combustion gases and then uses it to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply. It is installed on top of a standard gas boiler as part of the flue-way and recycles heat from the flue gas which is normally lost.
Chris Farrell, Managing Director at Zenex Technologies said: "With all of the big six energy providers raising their prices in the last months by up to 19%, millions of Britons face a huge increase in their gas bills. Many consumers are desperate for proven money-saving solutions that will reduce their soaring expenditures.
"The Zenex GasSaver is a device that is easy to install, has no moving parts, is silent, and does not require any electricity or gas to operate. The device recovers heat from the flue gases and helps the boiler deliver hot water much faster to the tap, reducing the need to run lukewarm water down the drain, saving both water and energy consumption."
The patented GasSaver has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment and added to their list of approved energy saving devices. The Zenex GasSaver costs around £500 and is a highly cost-effective addition to a new boiler installation. It is sold under licence by the boiler manufacturers, Baxi and Alpha, as the Baxi MultiFit GasSaver and Alpha GasSaver.


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