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01 December 2011
New research proves that closing shop doors in winter saves up to 50% in energy usage and carbon emissions.

Often shops and stores leave their main doors open to attract custom, but this open door policy is not environmentally friendly let alone costly.

New research from Cambridge University in the UK proves exactly how much energy is wasted by shops leaving their doors open with the heating on.

The research found that closing a shop door when heating is being used:

• Reduces energy usage by up to 50%
• Cuts a shop’s annual CO₂ emissions by up to 10 tonnes of CO₂, equivalent to 3 return London to Hong Kong flights
• Assists with mandatory national 34% reduction in carbon emissions till 2020
• Enhances comfort of staff and customers, maintaining permanent temperature all day, even when outside temperature plummets
• Maintains energy use at a consistent low level
• Enables heating to be shut off long before the end of the day without affecting internal temperatures
• Stops need for so-called “air curtains” over the door – among the greatest wasters of energy: a single one consumes 24 kWh per day. This is equivalent to emitting 91 kg CO₂ per week, or more emissions than a return Glasgow to London coach trip

Jeannie Dawkins, Director, Close the Door Campaign, commented:

“Here is the proof that it’s time for retailers to acknowledge the massive contribution they are making to energy waste and carbon emissions if they heat the street. By simply closing the shop door, CO₂ emissions dramatically decrease, energy bills are reduced, and customers and staff are made more comfortable. It’s a no-brainer.”


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