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LATENTO Solar Systems for DHW and Back-up the Heating

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23 November 2012

Modern systems have to be compatible with fossil-fuel and regenerative fuel systems (solar, pellets, heat-pumps etc.) and ensure the existing resources are optimally usable for all energy supplies. A decisive factor in the quality of a solar system is how much annual oil or gas usage it can replace by solar energy. A LATENTO all-year solar system is the optimum solution.

An efficient solar heating system not only takes care of hot water supplies during the summer, it also converts solar energy in the winter and the transitional months. With many solar systems, however, on cool days the warmth of the sun never even reaches the solar storage because the collector promptly reflects the sun‘s heat it receives away again, or it loses the energy in the pipework and storage system. These ”apparent“ yields then have to be raised to usable temperatures with expensive supplementary energy – which is not the case with a LATENTO solar system.

It is not the size of the collector units or the storage volume which is decisive regarding the effectiveness of a solar heating system, but the efficiency of its components and how well they are tuned to the demands of the consumers. With a larger collector surface, the yield would certainly be greater, but the solar utilisation rate would deteriorate. The larger the collectors, the more frequently the system is inactive in summer – the sun delivers far more energy than
residents can possibly use. Especially in winter and in the transitional periods, when supplementary heating is most in demand, a LATENTO solar system makes its mark with high solar yields and extremely low levels of heat loss.

LATENTO uses solar output large and small for heating water and utilises it even during frosty weather to supplement the heating. That means the highest possible level of efficiency for maximum solar warmth all the year round.

Efficiency is the decisive factor for the effectiveness of solar thermal systems. The LATENTO stratified storage tank – the core of the LATENTO solar system – carries complete conviction with four essential characteristics which in total assure you of the best possible efficiency and thus maximum effectiveness of your solar heating system.

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