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Vaillant plans to double sales in Russia

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15 February 2012
February 8, 2012 VAILLANT Group Rus, a subsidiary of the German VAILLANT GROUP, organized a briefing for mass media representatives at the international Exhibition AquaTherm. During the briefing Maxim Shakhov, CEO Vaylant Group Rus.

He said the company plans to expand its presence in the Russian market, and to double sales in three years. Mr. Shakhov (see reference edition) headed the Russian subsidiary of Vaillant in 2011. One of the first results of his work began to increase sales by 35% last year.

Maxim Shakhov, Genenralny manager Vaylant Group Rus speaks to participants in a briefing held during the exhibition AquaTherm 2012.

Mr. Shakhov said his first steps was to change the company's supply chain: Vaillant now he carries out and controls the entire supply chain logistics and customs clearance of goods. As emphasized by Mr. Shakhov, all the procedures of customs clearance company holds a 100% transparent. Observers believe that not all members of the Russian market follow this rule.

- In the future, I am convinced that the "white" customs - this is an important element of stability and long-term success in the market, it is advantageous for us, - said Mr. Shakhov. He told me, where else, in his opinion, the reserves for growth lie on the Russian market.

The company embarked on a way to optimize all business processes, including the improvement of cooperation with Russian partners of the firm. Vaillant expanded geographic presence in the Russian regions, the company will open offices in Siberia and the Far East. Now the company has around 30 regional representatives, and their number is growing. It is also planned to open offices in neighboring countries - CIS republics.

Existing and developing training system installers equipment to improve the supply of spare parts, the system warranty and service. By the way, according to these indicators, Vaillant has already ahead of most players on the Russian market, heating and hot water.

On the stand at the exhibition AquaTherm Vaillant 2012 (left to right): Mr. M.Shahov, CEO Vaylant Group Rus, Christian Sieg, director of marketing, and Artem Shorin, senior brand manager Vaillant

In the future, according to Mr. Shakhov, a Russian gas market is waiting for a gradual increase in gas prices for industrial enterprises and the public. This will increase the interest of consumers of gas to the high-tech and energy-saving technology Vaillant in Russia: heat pumps, condensing gas boilers, co-generation plants, alternative energy sources. These products became the hallmark of Vaillant in the West. The company is a technology leader, and in 2011 was awarded the prize for best innovation in Germany.

All of these promising developments are bound to be in demand in Russia, - says Mr. Shakhov.
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