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Insufficient power for Japan

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01 December 2011
The Japanese Government is calling for energy users to reduce consumption by more than 10 percent this winter as more nuclear reactors go offline after the Fukushima disaster in March.
Bloomberg reported that a call is to go to the energy users in the area supplied by the Kansai Electric Power Co., Japan’s primary nuclear utility company.
Companies supplied by Kansai Electric are being asked to voluntarily reduce energy use between December 19 and March 23, the Government revealed in a statement. They also said that cuts of over 5 percent are to be requested in southwestern Japan through to February 3.
Japan has less than a fifth of its 54 reactors operating, either because they have been shut down by the earthquake and tsunami or due to scheduled maintenance.
It has been estimated that Japan’s power supply could experience a short fall of 9.2 percent in the summer of 2012 if the reactors shut down for safety checks and maintenance have not restarted and if the power demand is as high as 2010 the Government said.
The Government is going to promote energy monitoring and energy efficiency to reduce demand, hopefully by 9,8 GW by next summer, they also plan to increase electricity supply by 6,4 GW by expanding the thermal, hydro and renewable energy capacity of the country.


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