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GREE conference in Voronezh

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05 May 2012
A two-day conference organized by EuroCLIMATE - exclusive distributor of GREE air-conditioners in Russia, was attended by more than 40 dealers GREE from Voronezh and Voronezh region.
Meetings with dealers will occur on 24-25 May 2012 within the precincts of the House of Scientists of the Voronezh and Voronezh branch of Sberbank of Russia.
CEO EuroCLIMATE-REGION Vladimir Murashko told the conference participants on innovation technologies GREE. He stressed that the inverter technology G10, recognized for its high energy efficiency, "The invention of world significance" is used in the updates of the season - a split-system U-Poem, and U-cool. Great interest in Voronezh is also called multi-zone air conditioning system GMV new generation. This year, exports to Russia GREE five series systems GMV: one with a digital compressor - GMV D4 and four inverter - GMV Mini, GMV IV, GMV HR-II (trehtrubnaya system with heat recovery) and Home GMV (with optional hot water) .

Head of the Training Center of EuroCLIMATE Boris Korostelev conference delegates were able to ask questions about the programs of training and staff development. He told the audience about contemporary forms of learning and subjects coming webinars (online seminars distance).
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