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Solar systems manufacturing is started in Pensa

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03 February 2012
Representatives of an innovative enterpris "INTEN", created by scientists of the Penza State Technological Academy, and the heads of "Nizhnelomovsky electromechanical plant" have agreed to mass production of solar collectors developed in PGTA. The first collector will be available in February.
The solar collector is designed for heating water using solar energy. It allows owners of private farms, country houses, agricultural enterprises significantly save money. But first you need to buy the installation and the preliminary cost, as reported in PGTA, approximately 18 - 19 thousand rubles.
The first solar collector Sura production is scheduled for as early as late February, but only in 2012, they have to release 500 units.
This project was supported by the Government of the Penza region, it has provided "INTENu" special grant for the organization of production.
Collector - only part of the scientists proposed a comprehensive system of energy saving for private households. It is planned that these systems are also put into production, with all the necessary accessories for them will be produced at the Penza enterprises.
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