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Finland: We Don’t Have Enough Sunshine

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13 June 2012

The Finnish market for solar thermal technology is still in its infancy, but could offer a worthwhile potential. The solar radiation in southern Finland is only 10 to 15 % lower than in Northern Germany and the first domestic manufacturers have already presented collector solutions which would use this energy as efficient as possible.

When Xavier Noyon, Secretary General at the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), held his speech at the Finnish Solar Forum in Helsinki last December, he also pointed to the total installed collector area in Finland. It amounted to only 33,000 m² at the end of 2010 – a very small area compared to most other European countries. “The Finnish market for solar thermal is very small, but still growing,” says Christer Nyman, Chairman of the Finnish Solar Energy Association (ATY). He is also the founder of consultant company Soleco Oy, which focuses on the implementation of solar energy solutions in developing countries. “We have neither incentive programmes, nor any subsidies for solar thermal or PV in Finland. Instead, there are supplements paid to oil system and heat pump owners to provide free hot water during half of the year.”

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