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Moscow recognizes effects of energy saving

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15 October 2012

The authorities of Moscow are going to adopt a long-term program “Energy efficiency in Moscow”, which would allow the capital to raise the level of energy efficiency and to increase energy saving in the city without losing the pace of social and economical development, Novostienegetiki.Ru quote the head of the fuel and energy department of Moscow Evgeniy Sklyarov.

According to the information from the city government, at present the state energy saving program, which has been developed for the period from 2011 to 2016, includes over 16 thousand budget objects. In the current 2012 the government of Moscow invested about 11 billion rubles into its implementation. According to Evgeniy Sklyarov, so far it has already allowed to save up to 51% of electricity (this is almost 132 million Kwh of power), up to 10% of thermal energy and up to 57% of gas, about 27% of cold water.

Now it has been decided to create a unified integrates information system of efficiency monitoring and management of energy saving processes. The system will carry out the record of energy sources, as well as will constantly carry out energy audit and energy inspection of buildings.

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