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Sustainable Building 2011

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24 October 2011
The world conference Sustainable Building 2011 (SB11) took place on 18-21 October in Helsinki, Finland. The event brought together 1,100 leading experts in sustainability of the built environment. It provided an excellent overview of innovation and new technologies in the fields of environmentally sound construction, land use and sustainable communities.

Uponor was the main sponsor of the SB11 conference. This role reflects Uponor’s commitment to sustainability, both in its own operations and in supporting its customers’ and partners’ endeavours to improve the environmental performance of buildings and their associated infrastructure.

Uponor is continuously working to reduce its environmental footprint through its innovative and sustainable solutions. The company wants to enhance open dialogue between research and practice, and work together with its partners in the joint pursuit of more sustainable built environments in the future.

“A more sustainable future is within the reach of businesses and the people of the world, but this requires a roadmap and concrete actions. Uponor is focussing on two global issues – environmental impacts of energy use and the demand of clean water, and acting on the related opportunities. Because SB11 attracts leading experts in the field, it is the perfect setting for active interaction and technology transfer,” explains Ilari Aho, Vice President, Indoor Climate Business Group at Uponor Corporation.
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