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Mage Solar Introduces Emergency PV Kit with On/Off Grid Capability

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29 November 2012


Mage Solar announced a 3kW emergency kit that is designed as a stand-alone solution to provide reliable power during grid outages.
Geared mainly towards the residential home or small commercial market, the emergency kit contains the company’s Mage Powertec Plus modules, a pitched roof mounting solution, and balance of system. It also includes an inverter with charge controller unit to charge an existing battery system or to directly provide electricity to appliances as well as other devices and communication equipment in order to stay connected and operational after natural disasters.
This UL-listed device is especially designed to quickly respond to any power requirement and continue to provide electricity from the PV-array to the home even when the grid is unavailable. Traditional grid-tied PV systems usually lack this feature, which has oftentimes been a draw back during prolonged power outages.
Besides being both grid-interactive and stand-alone capable, the unit also regulates the charging of back-up batteries. The unit will connect to already existing 48 V battery set-ups or can be integrated with new batteries.
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